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Some of our work

Cancer explained in video & print

We created a series of videos that answer some questions about cancer, involving onconurses, psycho-oncologists, doctors and patients. Besides the animation videos we also designed a flyer and poster for distribution towards the target group. The video series was launched with a social media campaign on World Cancer Day.



Event and Internal campaign

For the Respiratory Department of Novartis Belgium we translated their 2019 goals into an internal campaign, leading up to the internal kick-off event. We translated ‘Focus’ into several steps for an entire communication plan, including an internal teaser-video and creative invite postcard. The key visual and slogan lead to the visual style of the event, with an energetic opening video. A great kick-off of a fully focused year.

International Communication Campaign

Selling the healthcare-technology behind the hospital walls is not easy. In line with the ‘Creating Perfect Places to heal’ we were able to bring technology to live. The main corporate film, photos and a series of high-end, substantive testimonials form an international communication campaign. Visit the Siemens International website

Pfizer 65 jaar podium

Medical Conference Event

To celebrate the birthday of Pfizer we outlined and linked the milestones of 65 years in Belgium. Full concept of the event, invites, hospitality & registration, catering, stage design, patient testimonials, videos linked to history, instant polling & real-time visualization, aftermovie, ...

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Animation & Motion Graphics

There are many styles in animation or motion graphics. They are often used to explain a process or procedure to people. For each target group a specific style can be developed which make it an ideal tool for people to understand a complex story. We often use animation for  patient videos or for example OTC products.

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