Construction in the MIX

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Some of our work

Moodvideo for
project developper

We developed two video’s about the strategic plans for this circular district in Machelen: Broeklin. The biggest challenge: visualizing a project that currently only exists on renders and plans.

The Art of Droning

We were the first ones to discover and capture the renewed KMSKA museum’s building after its restoration. Our cameras and drones made the work of KAAN Architects and Artes shine.

Park & Ride Events

To draw attention to the new park&ride towers in Antwerp we came up with an exciting PR event. For the first time in Belgium we organized the World Chase Tag. An event from a to z for Lantis. We are the fix communication and eventpartner for de Oosterweelverbinding for 3 years.

Virtual Tours in Buildings

Discover what goes on beyond the counters, learn the history of each Antwerp district house and wade through these architectural gems through a virtual tour. High-end 360° photography combined with a flawless backend give a reel nice visitor experience.

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